Retrieval And Replacement

In order to provide better service and a pleasant shopping experience, please note the Fund's policy shop replaceable and Returns

Replacement and Returns

Replacement and Returns policy are as follows:

- Includes replacement and returns All products are available on-site.

- Required to be the same product in its original state when you buy an envelope and its original wrapper.

- For replacement and returns order is 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.

Refund the value of order

: Returns the value for order based on the method of payment are as follows:

- Day-to-three-day work if the payment method is a bank transfer.

- Seven days to 14 working days if the payment method is credit card.

- You will receive a coupon can be used at the site if the payment method of payment is on Delivery (excluding service charges).

Returns product fees

Returns the application fees are as follows:

- Returns order fees is 35 riyals for all cities in the kingdom of saudi arabia.

- Returns order fees is 59 riyals to the GCC.

- Free returns if received wrong orders (all GCC).